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We help you build relevant innovative products & services, improve your processes, and solve any kind of business problems. 



You need to innovate but...

How do you start ?

Who is concerned ?

What is the key issue ?

What is the best path ?

How do you collect data ?

Running an innovative project is mainly a question of mindset and method. We are here to help you compose and structure your innovation strategy and roadmap!

We use collective intelligence with a startup mindset, thanks to our experience as repeat entrepreneurs, innovation architects and digital wizards.


What we do !

Design Thinking


Design Thinking is a mindset as well as it is a method.  To us, it is the roots of collective intelligence tools. Design Thinking is more powerful when it fuels other methods, such as Lean Startup or Design Sprint. This is why we provide our clients with our own human-centric mix of those methods.


Ash Maurya

You have tons of unanswered questions when you want to launch a product or a service, or when you want to improve an existing one… and sometimes, choosing the right path is hard. 

Lean Start-up is the simplest of solutions.


By having you follow the Lean Canvas, we help you speed up the process of early stage decisions. We’ve helped more than 150

start-ups and 20 Enterprises in two years, using that method successfully.

Design Sprint

When the challenge is wider, the issues bigger, the problems blurrier, the need for a more powerful method is strong. That’s when the Design Sprint comes in handy!


With a business approach and a start-up mindset, we apply the method with a ROI vision at all times.


The Design Sprint is supposed to be an investment: using this method saves your company “months of work” and therefore, a lot of money!

During the journey which a sprint implies, you will also enjoy a little bit of team building, a twist of engagement, and a whole lot of acculturation! You might even end up with a team of entrepreneurs by your side!


With a year of conclusive and successful Design Sprints delivered, we are now very well placed to lead the way to a crisp, clear and concise mission on your innovative project!

« A Design Sprint is a 4-day process for rapidly solving big challenges or process issues, creating new products, or improving existing ones. It compresses months of work into a few days. » -Jake Knapp

About Us

Because we’ve created, launched, managed, sold and sometimes failed businesses, we know a lot about the « entrepreneur mindset » and the importance of « test and learn » approaches. 

And because we crashed a start-up in Silicon Valley and had a few weeks to pivot or switch, we spent a hell of a lot of time thinking, ideating, testing and looking for data, using those methods we’re trying to have you use from now on! 


Back in 2017, we tried those on no less than 23 projects in 6 weeks. We KNOW how to get things done, prototyped and tested in no time!


🥰Our clients🥰

😉Join the movement

You will join the movement, and you’ll see how easily the Design Thinking mindset grows on you!

Today, our passion for entrepreneurship has shifted to a passion for all innovative projects! Let us make them sexy again, thanks to collective intelligence!

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